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Digital Marketing Trends 2020 by Thailand Marketing Guru

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Thailand Digital Marketing Experts Thitiphon Tiemchan

How digital marketing will be in 2020 especially in Thailand. Today, we have a change to talk to digital marketing expert who is known as thailand best marketing guru.

Thitiphon Tiemchan aka Ajahn Champ (อาจารย์แชมป์ ธิติพล เทียมจันทร์) digital marketing expert and Multi-channel Marketing Specialist in Thailand. He has over 10 years experience in Thailand's e-commerce. He is also the author of Indie Marketing best seller book and the most influencial online marketing blog as " " . He is now working as a business consultant for many well-known organization in Bangkok. Regarding all of these and his expertise, Ajahn Champ talked with us about Digital Marketing Trends 2020 in Thailand and he shares the most valueable advice to us;

What brought you to become an digital marketer and business consultant?

I had an opportunity to work in the US based company when I graduated in 2004. I worked as a webmaster and interpreter/cultural liaison at GeoVisions in Chesterfield, New Hampshire, USA before I left to take a master degress in information and communication at University of Wollongong, Australia.

That’s how I started by career in digital marketing and business. Background in digital marketing also helps and taught me how to run a successful business and being a great entrepreneur. Currently, I am giving my experience to my business & marketing blog " " .

According your experiences, what are the advantages of Traditional marketing over Digital Marketing ?

Nowaday, I believe digital marketing is the heart and soul of a growing number of businesses in Thailand. For the Traditional marketing which many Thai's companies are now doing and will be doing as people still read newspaper, see billboards, watch TV, listens to radio, etc. Nobody knows their future.

Digital marketing is rapidly taking over. Mobile contents is now be the lifeblood of the business. We can encourage our customer to take realtime action, chat with us, visit our website, share our contents, and sharing their feedbacks. All of these were not possible with Traditional ones.

Do you think it’s important for entrepreneurs, marketers and students to learn Digital Marketing today ?

Definitely. We are living in digital era. Most of things, in our life today, is digital one. Digital marketing can give you leverage, endless opportunities in domestic and international. With digital, you can access unlimited experiences and knowledges.

Digital marketing is a field in perpetual revolution, and those who stay on top of the wave reap the greatest benefits. Avoid piecemeal or incremental changes; innovate across complete structures.

In Thailand, what digital marketing trends do you see dominating in 2020?

From my own opinion as a business consultant, the future of digital marketing lies in integration. Obvious trends would be customer's experiential-first not mobile-first anymore. Things such as virtual reality will be adopted to serve consumers' needs. Interupt marketing like advertising will be as good as dead. People easily knows how to block them.

New approach must be the way of integrated advertising into customer experiential. This is the answer to generating brand awareness and starting customer relationships.

Live video, digital transformation, AR/VR, chatbots, and omni-channel are just some of the topics that will be trending in the next 12 months. They are all will finally be converted into how can we give the best experiences to our customers.

What advice will you give to business owners and entrepreneurs in Thailand ?

Never stop learning. Be bold, be curious, and be prepared.

How can we keep in touch ?

Mostly, I will published information about marketing and business once a week on my personal blog " " . You all can meet my there. Otherwise, you can contact me directly through LINE app. at LINE ID: @brandingchamp or call me: +66631979894 | +66902393987

อาจารย์แชมป์ ธิติพล เทียมจันทร์